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Yip Man  - 8th Generation

Great  Grandmaster

Victor Kan Wah Chit - 9th Generation

Founder of  Traditional Ving Tsun Association -TVTA




Yip Mans best disciple of the 1950s  

Genova November 2013

Chi Sao 2007

Chi Sao - 1993

V.K.V.T. - The Superior System


- is a devastating fast fighting art of great practical value created by a nun of Shaolin. It is perhaps the most effective and logical system of close-range combat ever devised.

The classical way is the only way to learn it correctly.

You have seen enough of all those modified VT, WC instructors master's fancy moves in hitting a wood or life DUMMY in YouTube.


Impressive, entertaining - may be. BE realistic, if you want to learn the REAL THING. Its - CLASSICAL VING TSUN KUNG FU - the mother of them ALL.

Classical - meaning passed from a genuine sifu to another from generation to generation without changing or modifying any of the movements, positions, techniques and the dedication that it takes to learn. Learning good KUNG FU is 100% "hand made" from a genuine master. The higher the generation, the closer to the authenticity. That is why - GENERATION - is very serious and important to the Chinese Kung Fu practitioner. It is immortal.

- Simplicity Directness Efficiency -

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