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All photos on this page are © courtesy of Victor Kan. Contents of this page are not to be used without permission.


Martin Bell

Mark Lamkin

Sandro Scali

Nello Neri

J. Man

Raimondo Bardinu

Bookung Cheng

Hang Jun Bao

Mirko Coppolino

Any VKVT ex-trainee instructor's name not in the list above, has been DISQUALIFIED to teach Victor Kans authentic classical Ving Tsun;

High standard must be kept at all times.



Some ex-trainee instructors are teaching low quality second hand VKVT under another instructor' s name or in his own name by copying and using Victor Kans name, photos, system, techniques and logo then claim to be Classical VT - without a Sifu.


They have only reached from 4 to 6 grades of the VKVT system.

A well known known German ex-WSL instructor instructor copied VKVT techniques from a few VKVT's stupid ex-trainee instructors, then, changed the techniques names and teaches them in his classes.

One can see what he was teaching a few years ago, and compare with what he is teaching nowadays. Quite different.

The techniques were badly COPIED, he is just a user and a cheater, worst than Kernspecht and VW.



Qualification - 2 years of Ving Tsun experience.

Please email VKVT Webmaster - webmaster@victorkanvt.com - to arrange an appointment with GGM Victor Kan.

300 per person.

Altri istruttori non presenti nella lista non sono qualificati e sono stati allontanati.

Corso Speciale per Istruttore, in Italia, con GM. V. Kan

- Corso Istruttore in Italia con Gm. V. Kan

- Requisiti: 2 anni di esperienza nel WC

- Costo: da 300 con certificato

Per informazioni contattare:

- Grandmaster  V. Kan:  webmaster@victorkanvt.com

- Sifu S. Scali:  info@kwoonwingchun.it   +39 3332998907

Sifu Scali

thank Sifu Sandro Scali for your teaching.

(Grading test on 15 Feb. 2015, Genoa - pass rate - 95% by GM V. Kan)

Thank Si Kung V. Kan for passing the genuine classical Yip Man VT to us.

 Spring Grading test. 12 April 2015, pass rate 90%.