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The honour of the Yng-ch'un Style ( K ) is not in the least vitated by the unforunate appearance of a few black sheep in its ranks who shamelessly crow about themselves and arouse people with wild talks to seek undeserved fame by deceptive means. The main current are men of talent in the Yung-ch'un ranks, who have profound ahievement in kung fu and are hard working rather than vaunting. In London, England, is a Yung-ch'un instructor of real worth. He is a husky man over six feel tall. Though fierce-looking like Chang Fei ( i ) a general of the Three Kingdoms period (222-265 AD) well-known for his fierceness, the Yng-ch'un exponent is actually modest, unassuming and cordial. Nevertheless, he is also esteemed by knowing persons for the irreconcilable stand he takes against vices. His history with the Yung-ch'un Style is a very long one. In fact he was the man who, in the capacity of a substitute of Grandmaster Yeh Wen ( ), taught Bruce Lee the first section of the Little Idea Form on the very day Brue Lee knelt to Grandmaster Yeh Wen to become a Yung-ch'un disciple. The exponent is none other than Victor Kan ( ² ), a disciple of Grandmaster Yeh Wen of the Yung-ch'un Style. Sifu Victor Kan was born to a family of scholars. His father is the 80-year old historian, Mr. Kan Yu-wen. Since he was a little boy, Victor was taught by his father the moral heritage of the family. He reveres the elders and respects his teachers, in accordance with the doctrine of modesty treasured by the Chinese. He was therefore favoured by Grandmaster Yeh Wen. More than twenty years ago, Chang, his school friend who is now teaching, brought him to a district restaurant workers' union, where he knelt to Grandmaster Yeh Wen to learn Kung Fu. He was only 14 years old then, but he was tall and strong by nature, and was indefatigable after training assiduously all day long. He never tried to learn too