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VKVT Classes in London



Basic VT stance and Punches

1st Grade

Basic VT kicking and foot work

2nd Grade

Sil nim tao form.

3rd Grade

Application of S N T.

4th Grade

Single sticking hands - Dan Chi Sao.

5th Grade

Double sticking hands - Sern Chi Sao.

6th Grade

Qor Sao in Chi Sao.

7th Grade

Chum Kil Form.

8th Grade

Wooden Dummy techniques.

9th Grade

Bil Jee Form.

10th Grade

6 & 1/2 Long pole. Butterfly knives. Bart Jarm Do.


Learning the basic moves correctly from a qualified instructor is an essential thing for your success in your Ving Tsun future.


Copying Fancy moves are for show and have no practical value when in action.

A student¡¦s progress is counted by lessons that they have taken, but ¡¨NOT BY YEARS¡§.




Classes are available to men and women of all age, regardless of physical condition. Students are taught in a safe, effective, friendly and supportive environment in a progressive manner based on individual needs.

Our curriculum focuses on building a solid foundation as a basis for consistent progress toward more intensive training and advanced levels.

The objective of Classical Ving Tsun training is not solely on techniques and forms. We want to promote the understanding of the fundamental principles and concepts of Ving Tsun and how to apply them in a realistic approach to self defence and day-to-day living.

Every student will get good attention and be well looked after, in a very disciplined manner so they will have full concentration to learn Classical Ving Tsun properly.

COURSES - Sil Nim Tao, Chum Kil, Bill Jee, Wooden Dummy, Long pole, and Butterfly knives




Since the popularity of the films about Yip Man, we have received many unhappy VT, WC practitioner¡¦s complaints from all over the world of their bad experiences regarding the learning of the Dummy, Pole and Knives which are taught by modified or imitation VT WC instructors, even including some of Yip Man's students.


They are all different from each other. Some of them have admitted that half of the moves are of their own invention.


After a long observation GM. V. Kan has eventually decided to teach the original version, the only version that he knows which he learnt from his Sifu YIP MAN, to all  serious VT WT practitioners in the world, in order to preserve the genuine - YIP MAN CLASSICAL VING TSUN KUNG FU. Complete the system CORRECTLY and have peace of MIND.

The weapons have not much practical value nowadays - it¡¦s more for show. That¡¦s why they are the last thing to learn in the VKVT system. Still Grandmaster Victor Kan continues to teach the real original version of the weapons to serious VT practitioners so they will not mislearn.

* Note: After taking the course (eg. Butterfly Knives ), it does not mean that one has become a VKVT 10 grade student or qualified to teach.

Contact: VKVT Webmaster - webmaster@victorkanvt.com




The only school where one can learn the authentic classical YIP MAN Ving Tsun in the world.


In our HQ in Genoa

From 1 week to 1 month

from £á350 per week ( including sleeping )

This Course is designed for those who would like to learn Classical Ving Tsun and to visit Italy at the same time.

Genoa is situated in northern Italy with good connections to Rome, Florence, Pisa, Milan and, in France, Nice. The school itself is in the town centre of Genoa suburb.


Because of the limited accommodation, early booking to suit your schedule and timetable is advisable.


Everyone will be well looked after.

Reservation: by email


Any person can complete the system CORRECTLY by taking private lessons with GM V Kan. For the Chum Kil form, Bil Jee form, Wooden dummy form, long Poll and Butterfly knifes.

By arrangement - T: 07 905 120 155


Basement of St. Judes

St George's Rd

London SE1 6EZ

Just 8 mins from Lambeth North Tube Station

Chief Instructor


GGM Victor Kan

Qualified Instructor


Sifu Martin Bell



+44 (0)7 905 120 155