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   -  with regular training of no less than 2 years, well known internationally.

From  the  mid  50・s onward, Yip Man Ving Tsun was getting very popular in Hong Kong. It was the most  talked about subject in the Hong Kong newspapers. There were many people who came to Yip Man to learn Ving Tsun.  But, most of them just did it for a week or a month for  :social purposes; only.

There were only a handful of serious ones (disciples) like Sifu Victor Kan Wah Chit and Sifu Wong.

They trained regularly every day. Sifu Kan trained from 1954 to 1961 then left Hong Kong for Europe. Sifu Wong trained from 1956 and stayed inside the Ving Tsun circle all the time until the present. They know nearly every one・s Ving Tsun background of those days. It is their duty to tell and to testify the genuine disciples of Yip Man so the next generation will not be confused. Each one of them has their own interpretation of Yip  Man・s Ving Tsun. It is different from the Hong Kong Wing Chun association・s book, in which anyone can just pay to have their name put down in the family tree. The association holds no responsibilities for any mistakes or the truth.

In the following, an asterisk (*) means the disciple has passed away and the number represents the year he started training.

Lok Yui*


Wong Sheung Leung*


Bruce Lee*


Victor Kan


Yip Man

Chu Shong Tin*


William Cheung


Leung Sheung*


Wong Long


In the 1950.s : - well known -

By: V. Kan Wah Chit and Sifu Wong

Moy Yat*


Yip Man

Yip Chun


Yip Ching


In the 1960.s: