I'm sad to hear that my good Si dai Ho Kam Ming from the 50s has passed away aged over 80s.

Reunion, Hong Kong

Ho Kam Ming is fourth from the left


I am sorry to hear that Ip Ching passed away last week. My condolences to his family.

G.G.M. Victor Kan with his 2 junior Kung Fu brothers (Si Dai) 1992

Yip Chun           Yip Ching

Reunion, Hong Kong

Sitting from left to right: second from left: Chu Shong Tin, then: Victor Kan, Ho Kam Ming, Yip Chun. Head of the table, right: Wong Shun Leung, then: Yip Ching, Lok Yiu

G.G.M. Victor Kan with both his Si-Dei (junior kung fu brothers) Ip Ching and Ip Chun when they came to visit him in London in 1992.

A happy reunion with the old students of YIP MAN, some from the 50's and some from the 60's.Sitting, from left to right: Wong Shun Leung, Chu Shong Tin, Lok Yiu, Victor Kan, Lo Pin, Yip Ching. Standing: second from left: Chow Tze Chuen, in the white shirt: Lau Hon Lam.
1976, Hong Kong.



Reunion, Ving Tsun Athletic Association, 1980s.

Ho Kam Ming is first on the left.

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