The genuine correct shape and position of the Bong Sao as

Yip Man's disciple. ( not any others )

2 Kung fu brothers - VK  - “King of Chi Sao” & WSL - “King of Talking Hands”.


It is a god's gift to him. Got many admirers. One can copy but can not learn that from him, like Mike Tyson.

Yip Man's two son’s once said:

"Our father told us Kan Wah Chit’s Kung Fu is the best"

G.G.M. Victor Kan with his 2 junior Kung Fu brothers (Si Dai) 1992

Yip Chun

Yip Ching

A TRUE VING TSUN Great Grandmaster (Forever Young) VICTOR Kan Wah Chit

Age 66, 2007 China



The classic moves of the butterfly knives

Sifu of Sifus

Sifu S. Scali, Sifu R Bruggerman (Belgium).


They have learnt then taught WT, WC, VT from different famous masters in the past 18 years. Sifu Scali went to HK a month for a deep reach in 2001.


The next year they took the instructor course with G.G.M V.Kan and joined VKCVT system so they will be able to reach the purest and highest standard of VT.


- They have tried the rest, now they join the best.

From Strength To Strength

Genoa April 2013

Genoa April 2017

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Spenser was kicked and knocked down by Derek in a training fight under GM Kan in 1981.

    * Derek left VKVT because he wanted to create his own style and be a founder.

    * Spenser lost face completely after being defeated in front of other students and left VKCVT

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