Martin Bell

Sandro Scali

J. Man

Bookung Cheng

Hang Jun Bao

Mirko Coppolino


Any VKVT ex-trainee instructor's name (from sixth grade onwards) not in the list above, has been DISQUALIFIED to teach Victor Kan’s authentic classical Ving Tsun;

Once a year, all instructors have to take a test by GM Kan
So high standards can be
kept at all times.



Sifu Scali

thank Sifu Sandro Scali for your teaching. (Grading test on 15 Feb. 2015, Genoa - pass rate - 95% by GM V. Kan)

 Spring Grading test. 12 April 2015, pass rate 90%.

Thank Si Kung V. Kan for passing the genuine classical Yip Man VT to us.